How EDU Expertus helps to crack UGC NET JRF Management

We continuously guide our students till they clear the UGC NET JRF Management Examination.

  • Study: We provide UGC NET JRF Aspirants with study materials that are made precisely in accordance to the syllabus. Almost 90% of the questions in the exam come from our booklets. There are around 11 booklets, divided subject wise. (Note: UGC provides the NET JRF syllabus which is divided into different units and not subjects. We, however, for the convenience of the students, categorize this whole syllabus into different subjects of Management). The booklets are made in such a way, that students can grasp the requisite concepts for the UGC NET Examination. The UGC NET Exam follows an MCQ pattern, and so, here concept grasping and their practical application is more important. Students need not study the whole books of Kotler or Pandey to clear this exam. Time Management is a key component for clearing any exam.
  • Every booklet contains different chapters related to that particular subject. After every chapter we provide a question set for quick revision.
  • Exercise: Moreover, we provide 11 Question bank booklets for UGC NET JRF Management. These booklets are also prepared subject wise. In total, students have almost 1000 questions for revision. The questions not only include previous year questions of UGC NET JRF, but also new questions prepared by the team. Also, our question booklets are not just some MCQs. We have tried to explain each and every question in details in our question bank. This helps the students to learn the entire concept related to that particular topic.
  • Guidance: EDU Expertus doesn’t just sell study material for UGC NET JRF (Management). We also provide free mentoring services to our students. EDU Expertus is guided by a JRF Holder who held ALL INDIA RANK 1. Students can, at any time, reach out to him for doubt clearing sessions.